Why am I beating the natural immunity drum? Because I've been waiting and waiting and...waiting for month for the CDC, OHA, and WHO to recognize the science. I've been waiting for these "experts" and for the media to acknowledge that the assumptions and statement made early on in the pandemic regarding natural immunity were wrong. I've been waiting for them to acknowledge study after study after study that show the lasting effectiveness and durability of natural immunity against COVID-19. I've been waiting for the local medical system and local doctors to acknowledge this and account it as part of an individual's personal choice to vaccinate. I'm waiting and I hear crickets or willful ignorance.

If the medical and political experts were not willfully ignorant, arrogant, or in denial about the effectiveness of natural immunity and they embraced previous infection as equal to vaccination more people would trust them. But, when they deny this science they lose the people's trust. It's impossible for thoughtful people to trust 1/2 of the published science, and it's arrogant and disrespectful for the medical and political communities to expect us to do so.

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