Under 18 years old? What's your Risk vs Benefit of the COVID-19 Vaccine

If you're young, please be selfish! I'm not one to encourage being selfish, but in the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, I'm encouraging you to be selfish and consider how you will benefit from the vaccine versus the risks your taking in getting the vaccine. Consider how well your age group has survived the pandemic and COVID-19 infection. Consider the effectiveness of naturally acquired immunity resulting from infection. We've posted other blogs containing details and links to reports on survival rates and effectiveness of naturally acquire immunity. Consider that you are will create the next generation of humanity and that you have more time to live with the consequences of negative long-term side effect from the COVID-19 vaccinations than any other group of living humans. Be selfish, protect your body and mind. Don't take the vaccine to protect us old people. If we want to be protected, we can take the vaccine, exercise, wear masks, keep distance, take prophylactics, and find doctors we think will do the best treating us if we acquire COVID-19. We have options and so should you.

Stand up for yourself and your peers! Resist mandated COVID-19 vaccination and mandated boosters for you to live your lives - to receive your education in person, work, date, socialize, exercise, and recreate! Study, understand that the vaccines aren't fully safety tested or approved for distribution, understand that the mRNA technology has never been used in mass in a commercial medication or vaccine. Understand that the long-term safety testing is not complete so even the "approved" vaccine is only approved for manufacture, not distribution. All vaccine currently used in the U.S. are still administered under the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU).

Study and contemplate your actual personal risks from COVID-19 infection.

Look into side effects on forums and groups on social media. Understand that reports in the VAERS database are flags or concerns, they are not necessarily investigated in any timely manner. So, their could be substantial red flags sitting in the VAERS data that haven't been contemplated yet, that be indicators of substantial side effects that could negatively change you life. Also, look for side effect reporting and groups in other heavily vaccinated countries.

If you know you've already had COVID-19 then consider that you've already developed immune response and study to understand what that means.

If you think you've already had COVID-19, demand an antibody test to see if antibodies show up. Antibodies won't necessarily show, but study to understand what it means if they do or don't show up, you might have immune response either way.

History shows us that people tend to follow, not lead. In this case, lead yourself.

Watch this video showing a few testimonials of side effect from COVID-19 vaccinations in Israel.

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