Courthouse - Rally to Defend your Child's Medical Freedom - UPDATE - VIDEO and PHOTOS

Updated: Nov 17, 2021


The rally at Benton Count Courthouse yesterday Saturday 10/9/2021 was a success. Many Oregonians from Corvallis attended to get their message out - NO VACCINE MANDATE FOR CORVALLIS MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, RESPECT MEDICAL FREEDOM FOR ALL OREGONIANS, SCIENCE DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS, AND THERE IS NO NEED TO VACCINATE CHILDREN. Oregonians from Albany, Junction City, Sweet Home, Lebanon, and Eugene also attended to show their support and share their messages.

Luke Yamaguchi gave a great speech summarizing COVID-19 medical outcomes for Oregon children. You can hear his speech here

The Gazette Times published the following piece:


The Corvallis School Board is in the process of usurping your parental rights and the rights of your children, attempting to force your 12 to 18 year old child receive a Covid-19 vaccine as a requirement to attend in-person education and activities in your neighborhood school.

A Vaccine Mandate for our children makes no sense and violates are freedoms and rights.

Violation of Rights

- No branch of our government has the authority to mandate injection of an experimental vaccine, especially in minors.

- None of the COVID-19 vaccines are available in the U.S. are fully FDA approved, even for adults.

Experimental Technology

- The COVID-19 vaccines have been useful tools in reducing disease severity for people most at risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19; However,

- The COVID-19 vaccines were developed very quickly, and the mRNA technology has little to know prior medical use or FDA approval.

- There have been many adverse effects and death reported in the CDC database after COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 infection is a low risk for most children and adults in the school setting

- Throughout the course of the pandemic, through all variants, almost all COVID-19 infected children have recovered well.

- A majority of adults in Corvallis are vaccinated, and the vaccine is available to all adults.

- Many adults and children have also acquired immunity through previous infection.

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