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Teachers Union Board Member Calls for Unvaxxed to be Shot

from Andrea: So her horrid comments / threats contribute to NEA's "mounting embarrassment", but there is no mention of her firing or being reprimanded??

It must be open season on the jab-free.


CV NEWS FEED // A board member of America’s largest teachers union posted a Facebook comment suggesting that it would be “quicker” and “safer” to shoot unvaccinated Republicans dead rather than allow them to put others “at risk.”

“Screw this guy and screw them all who are all about hiding behind religious exemptions because they don’t want anybody to tell them what to do,” wrote Mollie Paige Mumau in a Facebook comment shared by the Twitter account @libsoftiktok. “People tell you what to do all the time, and you do it,” Mumau continued:

This is such BS. He and his ilk deserve whatever comes their way, including losing jobs, getting sick, and perhaps dying from this virus. But in the meantime, he’s going to put all the people around him in danger.

“I don’t know why the GOP doesn’t just take those guns they profess to love so much and just start shooting all of their constituents who think this way,” she added. “It would be quicker and ultimately safer than putting me and my friends and family at risk.”

Mollie Paige Mumau is a member of the board of directors at the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA website describes its board of directors as a “top decision-making body.”

Mumau’s comments on Facebook will likely add to the mounting embarrassment and scandal that has surrounded the NEA throughout this year.

As CatholicVote has reported, the NEA faced criticism when it was revealed that its representatives worked behind the scenes to pressure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change its recommendations for school reopenings — ultimately reversing course and recommending schools remain closed for longer.

Additionally, the NEA announced this year that it would be teaching the controversial discipline of Critical Race Theory in schools throughout the country — then scrubbed the plan from its website.

As the teachers unions and public school officials face public scrutiny over their unpopular policy decisions regarding thorny issues such as at-home learning, school masking mandates, and child depression, American parents have become increasingly supportive of school choice.

In particular, recent polling suggests new majority support for providing taxpayer education funding directly to parents, to use in schooling methods of their choice, whether they opt for public schools, private schools, or homeschooling.

School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis pointed out Tuesday that Mumau’s aggressive Facebook comment should be noted as coming from “a board member of the nation’s largest teachers union.”

It’s “time to free your children from the clutches of the teachers unions,” he added.

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