Please watch this medical presentation, EVEN if you despise our mission.

Please spend 1 hour 5 minutes watching this presentation. The doctor, and the message, are controversial in the media, but that doesn't make the data or the message wrong. Please don't ignore this presentation because it's posted on rumble or because you don't like it's title. Again controversial doesn't make it wrong. Please watch this through and make your decision. Reverential following in science and engineering can be very dangerous. If you don't have the time to watch it entirely, at least watch the last 20 minutes from minute 45 to the end. If that sparks your interest, then go back and watch the other 45 minutes.

One example of this "controversial doesn't make it wrong" idea, are the feverish enthusiasm for the insecticide DDT, Here's a nice article to remind us about that:

Another example is suppressing discussion about the Space Shuttle Challenger O-ring problem that ultimately ended in the Challenger disintegrating and killing the astronauts. Here's a summary to remind us about that:

If you're interested in science, numbers, medicine, or public health, this presentation presents data from medical institutions, agencies, and journals from around the world and begs for open mindedness with respect to COVID-19.

To be clear, our group's mission is NOT Anti-Vax.

Our group is concerned about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines with respect to MANDATED injection into our children and all children in Corvallis, Oregon. Our mission is to prevent our children from being required to take a COVID-19 vaccine to be able to attend in person school. Our efforts are to ensure the Corvallis School Board, Corvallis Schools Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education, and Oregon Health Authority are aware that not all Oregonians believe it is acceptable, or even legal for our government to MANDATE or REQUIRE injection of an unauthorized and inadequately tested COVID-19 Vaccine in our children, through coercion. We are pushing for thought, so that reverential following to the COVID-19 doesn't blind these authorities to the ideas and data showing that the various COVID-19 vaccines are not equal chemistry, and that these COVID-19 vaccines are not safe for everyone, and that the COVID-19 vaccines are not necessary for children.

Available data from our scientific and medical health authorities show that:

- The vaccines were not adequately tested for safety

- That Adverse Effects from the vaccines have been substantial

- That the vaccines won't benefit most children

Remarkably, the above points are being ignored by many. With focus only on whether they prevent COVID-19 disease or minimize the symptoms, with little focus on negative effects.

We're respectfully demanding that during this investigation into a vaccine mandate for students, the Corvallis School Board, Corvallis Schools Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education, and Oregon Health Authority acknowledge this information and our very substantial concerns. Understand their roles in education. And, sincerely consider how their decisions could unwittingly and unnecessarily ruin the health of many children for the rest of their lives.

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