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I just heard a TV commercial stating “the best thing you can do to protect your kids from COVID-19 is to get them vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines have been proven safe and effect…” If you come across this blog and you know what studies have been completed to prove that any if the COVID-19 vaccines are safe for teens, or safe for kids 5 - 11, Please share links to the studies and results. Please tell whether the studies prove short term safety or long term safety. Please provide links to the studies that show that the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks within this age group. At the moment I think the statement above is complete bullshit from Pfizer-BioNTech, the FDA, the CDC and all members of the public health community that are propagating this statement without doing their personal homework to ensure that suitable studies actually exists and actually do prove long term safety of these Vaccines for children. Because, the Pharma industry has a reputation of creating these marketing statement outside the facts, or despite the facts, and driving those statements through the medical, public health, and regulatory agencies so forcefully and with such conviction that the community accepts them without checking the facts. With no liability Moderna and Pfizer have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the dispensing of every dose. Moderna finally claims commercial success and investor return after 12 years of commercial failure. When this chart goes up, any lie that helped it go up gets amplified. When the chart goes down, the marketing messaging gets tuned to whatever message might turn that around. And, FDA, CDC, state and local health don‘t respond to concerns, they’re lost in institutionalism, they can’t admit to errors, and individuals protect their personal interests.

From personal experience I know within the medical community this is happening with the COVID-19 vaccines, the adherence to this safety message without even a google search to prove or disprove it. So, if you can share some supporting facts or reports to share please do, please convince me otherwise.

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