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Pfizer - bad judgment or lies?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Dr. Campbell has been truly amazing through the pandemic, presenting information intelligently and level headed. In this video Dr Campbell is disheartened and struggles to discuss the pfizer adverse events data as he processes that he’s been deceived. Based on information that was shared by doctors and scientists that were being shunned at the time, individual reports from Israel, the UK, and the United States, the withholding of data by Pfizer, and the efforts of Pfizer to ensure liability protection, many had no doubts in our minds that Pfizer knew their vaccine was not as safe as they, the FDA, the CDC, the politicians, and many practicing doctors were claiming. As the Pfizer data comes out, it doesn’t look good. Over 1,200 vaccine induced deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse effect recorded by Pfizer in the first 3 months. More data will be released, slowly, by the FDA in the coming months. The FDA is busy redacting the documents prior to their public release.

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