New Study Proves the Vaccinated Are Dragging Out the Pandemic

Mercola blog October 23, 2021

A leaked Department of Defense slide show presentation that was quickly removed from the internet, but has been preserved in archives and on private websites shows that the shots are not meeting experts’ expectations.

Using hospitalization records from 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries who were fully vaccinated, the researchers found that 148,000 fully vaccinated individuals age 65 and older came down with COVID anyway; 30,000 were hospitalized in an intensive care unit and 9,400 were admitted to an intensive care unit. The death rate was 2.2%.

In the slide show, authors point out that the vaccine effectiveness against infection and hospitalization “is lower than reported in smaller studies.” Specifically, using metrics showing that 80% of persons over age 65 as vaccinated, “73% of COVID-19 cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.”

Not only that, according to Slide 8, “Breakthrough infection rates five to six months post vaccination are twice as high as three to four months post vaccination.” The waning immunity was observed in both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots.

And — contrary to “official” reports in the media — Slide 12 says it was the VACCINATED driving the high infection numbers during the summer of 2021, as “61% of COVID-19 of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully vaccinated individuals in the week of July 24 alone.

The study concluded that the jabs are more effective at preventing hospitalization than infection, and that “prior COVID-19 infection has a major protective effect against breakthrough hospitalization.” The study was done by the Defense Department’s Project Salus.

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A search under "Project Salus" or the name of the study, "Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Against the Delta Variant Among 5.6M Medicare Beneficiaries 65 Years and Older," will bring up many other articles about the results of this study.

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