Most likely the vaccine is killing people

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are likely killing people. And, likely killing people who were least likely to die, or to get very sick, from a COVID-19 infection. But, with the wind in big pharma's sail, and with the forcing, mandating, demonizing, alienating, and excluding as daily regimen, the brave doctors getting doing the science and understating why will continue to be silenced, demonized, belittled, and slanders to keep the findings under wraps.

‘Irrefutable Proof’ Study on mRNA Vaccines Causing Damage: Doctors Respond to WHO Fact-Checking Branch

Please read this rebuttals from the brave doctors under fire:

Then read the original publication:

Many of us anecdotally know there is a problem, we are seeing injury and death that doesn't add up, doesn't make sense. Deaths and internal health injuries amongst young people in our lives and popular culture. But of course, we don't want this to be true because we all know so many loved ones who've taken these vaccines. And, we aren't scientists so we don't feel the authorized to speak on the topic, be we have hunches.

It sickens me to think about this.

This article make reference to many professional althletes suffering cardiac arrest. Many people I have talked to have mentioned loved ones suffering stroke, cardiac arrest, mental illness, etc.

Keep yourself informed. If you know someone injured or a widowed, encourage them to see more information.

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