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Informed Consent

So, in Oregon, minors have the right to access and the right to consent to certain health care.

Staying out of all the confusion and weeds around this topic, there is one requirement that is a exceedingly clear; that is “consent” must be “informed” consent.

From Oregon Health Authority:

“All consent should be informed consent (ORS 677.097). Informed consent for health services should be verbal or in writing and includes: a description of the treatment the patient will receive, a description of alternative treatments and a description of any risks involved with the treatment”.

With respect to the COVID-19 vaccines, I have heard several intelligent minors and young adults talk about the vaccine and reasons to take the vaccine. And, I have heard many adults having authority tell them why they should take the vaccine. In all cases the statements start with something to the effect “the vaccines are safe and effective, and its necessary for everyone to take them in order for life to get back to normal…”.

in my opinion consent issued under these premises is NOT informed consent, because:

- the Vaccines HAVE KNOWN risks and ADVERSE EFFECTS that are NOT being discussed.

- the FDA required SAFETY testing is not complete for these vaccines so NOBODY fully KNOWS the SHORT or LONG term risks. AND, most people are MISINFORMED as to the status of SAFETY TESTING and APPROVALS.

- the RELATIVE RISKS between the VACCINES and COVID-19 disease for MINORS and young adults is NOT being adequately PRESENTED or discussed.

- the NEWNESS and DIFFERENCE between mRNA technology and other mandated fully FDA approved vaccines, and the tattered history of mRNA technology is NOT being adequately PRESENTED or discussed.

- the likelihood of transmission to others, or the risk the minors and young adults pose to others is being misrepresented.

- the alternative of getting sick and gaining natural immunity is off-limits for discussion. FURTHER, ALREADY HAVING IMMUNITY through previous infection, which should absolutely be discussed as an alternative is OFF-LIMITS for discussion.

- ALTERNATIVE therapeutics treatments are OFF-LIMITS for discussion.

- COSTS associated with medical costs resulting from identifying and treating ADVERSE EFFECTS are NOT PRESENTED or discussed. AND while the VACCINES are FREE, treating ADVERSE EFFECTS is NOT FREE.

- coercing vulnerable minors and young adults with financial or other incentives, or coercing them with threatening disincentives, prevents them from insistently wading through the lack of transparency to gather real information and prevents them form being rational in their decision.

Adults with AUTHORITY over young people such as doctors, school administrators, teachers, coaches, and school board members need to be honest with themselves about the requirement for INFORMED CONSENT and not leverage the Minors’s Rights laws as a tool in coercing young people to consent to the vaccine without being adequately INFORMED, and without adequate consideration.

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