“if the data is not validated, the vaccine cannot be mandated!”

FDA asks federal court for 55 years to release the data used to approve the pfizer vaccine

el gato malo

aaron siri broke a great story here:

the FDA is asking for 55 years to release the data they used to approve the pfizer vaccine. they asked a federal judge to allow them to release 500 pages a month until they get all 329,000 pages out.

i suspect we can count on them not starting with anything juicy…

we won’t see that until 2076…

this is in response to a lawsuit filed by numerous eminent scientists and researchers who want to see this data. they want to check it, replicate the analysis, and test the conclusions and methodology used to approve a drug already given to probably a billion people. this seems the very quintessence of reasonable.

if this vaccine is so effective, so safe, and so suited for widespread use, how can the data that was used to prove it be some sort of state secret?

if the data is as claimed and will validate, pfizer should be clamoring to release it. when have you ever seen a science team suppress their own promising results?

this is getting memory holed and hidden like some sort of JFK assassination data. most of the people involved will literally be dead by the time this data has gotten out. to call this “highly irregular” would be like calling ghengis kahn a “travel enthusiast.” this is a staggering and outlandish stance for FDA to take.

and this momentous decision about the public interest and public health is now in the hands of one judge (about whom i know nothing and so have no take on what they are likely to do).

this is a world-class, weapons-grade political football. would a judge even have the courage to wade in? because they need to. this is despicable and it stinks like a fish head i once left behind the radiator for a month.

if this data is not released, the public should be in the streets with torches and pitchforks in legions that stretch from horizon to horizon.

because this is obviously obfuscation and sham. there is no sound or even sane reason to do this beyond “we cannot have our phony baloney narrative fact checked.” we need to get johhny cochran in here:

“if the data is not validated, the vaccine cannot be mandated!”

we could wrap this clownshow up in about 15 minutes.

of course, it is likely precisely because the glaring obviousness and immorality of this FDA ask that is leading to the large scale media blackout on this issue.

200 million americans took these drugs. you’d think they might be a tad curious on the data behind them.

yet it has barely registered in any major media. this is about the biggest outlet i can find covering it:

apart from twitter, google struggles to even find it.

interestingly enough, brave search (produced by long time gatopal™ brendan eich) finds it instantly.

(let’s go brendan!!)

the idea that google just happened to miss a site the size of zerohedge entirely seems pretty implausible.

they are still playing their search censorship games. you cannot read what you cannot find. you may not even even know it existed.

the censorship imposed by google is among the most insidious in big tech because it is the hardest to see.

they do NOT play it straight. their search is and has for years been curated by ideology. it’s deeply slanted and manipulative. this is worth keeping in mind.

more and more you can spot this things you need to know by watching what the media/government fascism alliance seeks to hide.

it’s a veritable treasure map and that which they deign to “fact check” is mostly that which they need to lie about.

this has passed the point where it can escape notice. sure, it’ll keep fueling the 25% of total zealots that will wave around any talking point handed them by the tribal leaders, but the middle notices things like this.

it’s why so many of them are beginning to recoil in horror as they realize what they are smelling.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

in 12 months, you’ll struggle to find anyone who admits they ever believed the FDA/CDC/NIH narrative.

i cannot wait to start adding 3rd panels to these…

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