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I was deceived about COVID vaccine safety: 4. Evidence from the vaccine trials themselves

Joomi Kim Jan 15, 2022

[Note: This excellent and comprehensive article is so long that I'm separating it into multiple blog posts. The first four in the series were posted on Stand Together Corvallis Parents blog on 1/20,1/22, 1/24, and 1/26. The full article is here: - PR]

Most of the data trying to estimate the rate of adverse events or deaths from these vaccines are from observational data, which can be difficult to interpret. The little randomized controlled trial (RCT) data we do have comes from the vaccine trials themselves. So let’s look at what they found.

By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we should take any results from the trials with a grain of salt, which I will get into later in the “Evidence of wrongdoing in the past by Pharma” section.

Pfizer trial data

We’ll focus on the Pfizer trial data, as well as redacted versions of the documents the FDA used for its basis for approving the Comirnaty version of the Pfizer vaccine.

I will just summarize some key points but for a detailed look, see this: Did the Pfizer Trial Show the Vaccine Increases Heart Disease Deaths?

During the “blinded” phase of the trial, which is the portion of the trial when no one knows whether they have gotten the vaccine or the placebo, there were 29 deaths. 15 people died in the vaccine group and 14 died in the placebo group.

Once the emergency use authorization (EUA) was given for the vaccines, the trial participants were given the option to learn which group they were in, and placebo participants were given the option to be vaccinated.

After unblinding, 3 more people from the original vaccine group died, and 2 placebo group participants decided to get vaccinated, and then died. Arguably their deaths should get counted in the “vaccinated” group.

Later, the FDA released a (redacted) version of the documents it had used to approve the Pfizer vaccine, which contained more deaths than in the trial report. You can read more about why that might be here, in the section “Reconciling the clinical trial report with the FDA approval basis.”

In the end, we end up with 36 deaths, 21 in the vaccine and 15 in the placebo group.

On a relative basis the “six-month” mortality rate comes out to be about 31.2% higher in the vaccine group. You can see how this was calculated in the “Is the increase in mortality significantly significant” section of this article.

This means that even if there were some reduction of illness or death due to COVID, this might come at a cost of increased illness and death from the vaccines themselves.

More on the trial results in this video here, which was made by a group of independent Canadian doctors and scientists.

On “statistical significance”

Now, this result does not happen to be “statistically significant.”

People often use arguments like “but it’s not statistically significant” to try to discount results. I even hear people with PhDs or MDs say this, because somewhere in their schooling they were falsely taught that results need to be “statistically significant” to be “real.”

But even if a result is not statistically significant, absent any better data, it still remains the best available estimate for the effect in question. This is just common sense. “Statistically insignificant” does not mean that there is no effect. More on statistical significance here.

So these results are red flags. If I were in the FDA, and cared about people’s health, the way I would read the Pfizer trial results is that they were consistent with the possibility that the vaccine caused a 31.2% increased risk of mortality.

Moreover, if there was something about the vaccines that was increasing one’s chances of dying, it could be compounded by booster shots, the safety of which has not been adequately tested in any trials.

[Continued in 1/30/2022 blog post, "I was deceived about COVID vaccine safety: 5. Plausible mechanisms of action]

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