Challenging the Narrative on COVID-19 Deaths Amongst Children

The Chloroquine Wars Part LXXXIV

Mathew Crawford

"First you make people believe they have a problem, and then you sell them the solution." -Oliver Markus Malloy

As readers here know, I almost never write an article without full citations for each claim. But I want to go ahead and make a statement, so forgive my time constraints. I may come back and edit this article with links to my own article or articles by others later, and will note edits at those times. But some of the claims will be uncontroversial.

  • During the pandemic, the vast majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths have been among the elderly.

  • The vast majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths have been among those deficient in key nutrients, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc.

  • The majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths (maybe 80%) have been among those with autoimmune disorders, including those not previously documented and those simply associated with advanced aging. (This is the "hidden comorbidity" the health industry doesn't seem to want to talk about.)

  • 94% of COVID-19 deaths occurred among people with comorbidities such as obesity or diabetes.

I strongly suspect that the number of children who have died due to COVID-19 (not simply "with" it), who fit none of the risk parameters above (and most children don't), can be counted on one hand. In fact, if somebody makes a claim of such cases to you, and can provide cases or data, please ask them to link to that data here. I and my research group will document it all. But I don't believe many of these cases exist. Here, Dr. Tom Hong, a pro-vaccine doctor, talks through his own reservations about vaccinating children, and the data analysis that came down from the FDA. He's right---it's untrustworthy garbage.

Dr. Hong is not a statistician, but he has some instincts that conflict with what he sees with his own eyes. And he does some basic math, but he does not know how to fully work with the conditionals (Bayes Theorem), such as comorbidities, and treats them as independent (to whether the hospitalization is due to COVID-19). And that's fine---he is doing as good a job as he can with the tools at hand, and his first order estimate is a reasonable starting point for framing the problem. His effort and sharing are praiseworthy.

My honest guess is that once we examine associations between the four risk factors I began this article with, we will find a Venn diagram of essentially complete exclusion of the vast majority of children. And any competent biostatistician or actuary knows this.

Any supposed risk-benefit analysis that does not distinguish healthy children from the small proportion of high risk children who make up nearly all severe COVID-19 cases among children is a dangerous fraud. It does not take a genius to understand that desegregating those data pools results in making the benefits of vaccination among the healthy groups appear to be orders of magnitude greater than it is.

If we pay vaccine manufacturers and their chain of interested parties ($35 x 2 x 28M = $1.96B) to vaccinate 28 million children, of whom 20 million fall into a healthier group that expects to see maybe 1 death (in total, not per million) from COVID-19 over the course of a year, then to save one death, we

  • Spent $1.4 billion (on the 20 M kids),

  • Kill some number of them quickly (hard to say how many since, as FDA Chief Janet Woodcock put it, "That would require a study."),

  • Caused over 100,000 serious adverse events, including thousands of cases of myocarditis that could lead to thousands of children not to live beyond their teenage years,

  • Run a mass fertility experiment on a whole generation of American children,

  • Told the Lysenkoist medical industry that we will bend over for their anal swabs until the end of time, and pay for it with our taxes (or through inflation).

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