A Misguided Ship - OHA reporting

For many months OHA has been reporting deaths long after they occurred. i have many problems with this:

  1. It creates the appearance of surges in deaths at times deaths are in fact decreasing.

  2. It‘s possible to intentionally or inadvertently concentrate certain death demographics such as age, region, or existence of pre-existing conditions.

  3. It makes it very difficult for the casual observer to detect if any deaths are stated more than once.

  4. it makes it difficult to know if a death was never stated.

  5. it makes it difficult to determine if there is a current surge of deaths in a particular geographic region.

  6. This data casually rolls into national and global reporting.

Essentially, if the deaths aren’t reported timely, then the data is useless in real time. If OHA can’t report timely they might as well wait take a few years to sort the data and report the results all at one time.

If the GPS on your phone reported your location 6 Months late, the position data would be interesting to reminisce on, but useless for navigating your travels. It’s a similar situation with the COVID-19 data. Our public health officials are navigating our COVID-19 journey using data that is outdated. It’s no wonder they’re getting these results.

Here’s a small example from Jan 12, 2022 reporting with deaths from July, Aug, Sept 2021.

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