20-year-old in Slovenia dies of Stroke after receiving J&J vaccine, and my experience with Stroke.

I had a stoke and was lucky enough to nearly fully recover. I was 35, it was a terrible experience for myself and my family, it was expensive, and it left me on edge for years. That said I was lucky to live and recover. So, to me, hearing of people dying of clotting disorders after receiving the vaccine is serious. Whether Stroke or Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) the consequences of death or lifelong impairment are very real. I also had COVID-19 twice, the first case was very severe and at these early onset of the pandemic, after a visit from business partners in Wuhan, Shanghai, and Taiwan - testing was not available but in hindsight nobody questions I had COIVD-19. The second infection was 15 months later, very mild symptoms, and I only tested to protect others. Several months later, through Red Cross blood donation, I test positive for SARS-COV-2 antibodies. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and consider - as someone who survived COVID-19 infection and mounted an immune response and has tested positive for antibodies, and someone who previously had an ischemic "clotting" stroke for an unidentified reason, should I take on the clotting related risks of the vaccines in exchange for an immunity I already have?

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